How to Request impacts with Call To Impact Plugin

Whe have created a plugin that facilitates the use of Call To impact.

You just have to add a string to your posts and articles.

This string should be shaped like: [call-to-impact argument1="value1" argument2="value2"]

Acepted arguments:

    • type:┬áthat is the impact type (banner, collections, etc.)
    • cti_style: that is the Call to Impact Style you want to use
    • button_class:
    • content_class:
    • image_class:
    • impact_class:
    • load_css:
    • impact_id:
    • impact_ref:
    • language:
    • quantity:
    • category-operator:
    • category-name:
    • program-operator:
    • program-name:

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